TowFood Community Larders

Do you want to help the environment and save food from waste? Would you like your food budget to stretch further? Do you like a bargain? Would you like to be involved in a community driven project? Then look no further....COME AND JOIN OUR COMMUNITY LARDER!

Our Community Larders are open to EVERYONE!


We operate a membership programme that provides access to surplus groceries at heavily discounted rates. A consistent supply chain is guaranteed due to our subscription to SOFEA, a charity that works closely with FareShare, to distribute surplus food from supermarkets and businesses.

We also work with local businesses helping to keep food waste in our area as low as possible.

What is a community larder?

A membership programme that provides access to surplus groceries (store cupboard items and fruit and vegetables) at discounted rates.

The larders are run by volunteers who are committed to getting affordable food to our communities.

How it works

Once joined, members can shop at any of our larders once a week and choose their items. However, if you are immobile or unable to attend the larder and need us to make up a bag and deliver, we can arrange for our volunteers to do this on your behalf.

We can happily try and accommodate preferences however they cannot be guaranteed as we do not know what we will be getting each week!

Free fruit / vegetables (subject to availability) are included with all memberships. 


Please bring your own bags!


Please note: All items are subject to availability and some quantity restrictions may apply. Only ambient products can be included with deliveries.

Membership benefits

You will have access to pop up larders. Please follow us on social media for alerts.


Who can join?

EVERYONE! We are available to anyone who wants to prevent food waste and save money.

What does it cost?

Annual Joining Fee: £10 per membership

Membership Option 1 – Subscribed

  • Up to 10 items for £17.50 per calendar month

  • Up to 22 items for £35 per calendar month

Membership Option 2 - Pay as You Go

  • Up to 10 items per session for £5

  • Up to 22 items per session for £10

All memberships include FREE fruit & veg in addition to your items.

Full membership details and T&Cs here.

Support the Larder

The Larders pride ourselves on helping our neighbours when in need as a result we continue to seek donations and funding to secure free membership for those who may find that a barrier.


If you are a business and would like to donate food please contact us.


TowFood Larders are located in Towcester and Roade. They operate once per week in each location. Members are welcome to access either or both larders.

Roade: Mondays from 1.30 - 2.15pm

Towcester: Thursdays from 10 - 10.45am

How do I pay?

Currently we can only accept cash during the Larder sessions.

The Larders will always allow people in exceptional circumstances to access groceries in a discreet and dignified manner and the general public can also purchase pay it forward memberships and vouchers to support others. Please email us for details.

If you are struggling to pay, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Where does the food come from?

We can achieve lower prices by using surplus food from relationships with the big chain supermarkets (via SOFEA/FareShare) and local food suppliers.  

We have a range of everyday items including tinned goods, cupboard staples and fresh fruit and vegetables.  Each week is full of surprises as additional food is sourced to increase the range of food available.